• Malecón

    Golfo de México, Solidaridad Nacional, 24014 Campeche, Camp., Mexico .

    The current boardwalk of the city has been remodeled, today it is an incredible place to walk, spend the afternoon admiring the incredible and unique sunsets. Likewise, the sculpture of the famous artist Jorge Marín has undoubtedly added a cultural touch to one of the best seawalls in the country. One block from the Puerta de Mar you cannot miss spending an afternoon in the company of this special person or friends.

  • Cathedral of Campeche

    Calle 10, Zona Centro, 24000 Campeche, Camp., Mexico .

    Dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It is the main church of the Diocese of the same name, seat of the bishopric. It is located in front of the Plaza de la Constitución in the city. The rank of cathedral was granted to him in 1895 by Pope Leo XIII. It is a building in the Baroque style and with neoclassical features, famous for keeping inside figurines of sacred art, standing out a monument called "The Holy Burial" that represents a coffin with the figure of Christ and that during Good Friday is carried by the main streets of the city.

  • Puerta de Tierra

    Puerta de Tierra, Avenida Circuito Baluartes, Zona Centro, Campeche, Mexico .

    In the city of Campeche there were two ways to enter and exit, the land gate was one of them, Today it is a museum, where you can go up and walk through the corridors that connect to several walls of the wall, the view of the city and their old houses is amazing.

    Also at night on Thursdays and Fridays you can enjoy a show that recreates one of the old pirate legends.

  • Baluarte de San Carlos

    Baluarte de San Carlos, Avenida 16 de Septiembre, Zona Centro, Campeche, Mexico .

    It is located in the northwest corner of the enclosure facing the sea, on Calle 8. Currently it serves as the Museum of the City, where a graphic exhibition of the historical and cultural development of Campeche is exhibited, it is guarded by the H. Ayuntamiento de Campeche.

  • Centro Cultural Casa nº 6

    Centro Cultural Casa No. 6, Calle 57, Zona Centro, Campeche, Mexico .

    The Casa No. 6 Cultural Center offers a reconstruction of a typical house of the Campeche upper classes from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

    The house is on one level, consists of a gate framed by jambs and quarry lintels and is crowned by an undulating molding like a pediment, topped by a cross. On the façade you can see its four windows with dust covers, bases and huge wrought iron bars, characteristic elements of local architecture since the 18th century.

  • Corredor Turístico Calle 59

    Corredor Turístico Calle 59 .

    One of the most outstanding tourist spots in Campeche and one of the things that cannot be missed, is undoubtedly the famous 59th street of the Historic Center of San Francisco de Campeche. This street is one of the most important and most beautiful in the city, having behind a great history that represents us as folks.

    The route covers a large area that begins from the land gate to the sea gate, in this great period there are a great variety of restaurants, art galleries, cafes with balconies, as well as artisan shops where you will find a granite of what our culture is made up of.

  • Xmuch Haltun Campeche Botanical Garden

    Jardin Botanico Xmuch'haltun, Calle 49, Zona Centro, Campeche, Mexico .

    Xmuch Haltun Campeche Botanical Garden, its name means in Mayan "water that springs from the earth" and is located inside the Bastion of Santiago. It became the Botanical Garden with the aim of conserving and making known the various types of vegetation and their particular characteristics. It has 250 species identified by their botanical name and the family to which they belong. There are plants from the best known to the rarest. It also transports you to a place of tranquility, between the song of the birds and a great variety and beauty of plants.